A few things about me…

You will find on this blog a mix of different recipes reflecting my childhood, travels, and recent interest for foraging – it’s like a treasure hunt but you get to eat your treasure at the end! Some of them are quite easy and simple and are everyday dishes I like to cook. Other recipes are a bit more complicated or take more time to prepare. You could say it’s the kind of recipes you like doing on a Sunday or treating your guests to a good meal! Most of my recipes are vegetarian or vegan, but on some occasion I also cook meat or fish and write a few recipes (I’m what people now call “flexitarian”). But I like to give options to adapt the recipes to your diet – I call it “inclusive cooking” !

I also like to share with you some recipes from my childhood: theyre are like “Proust madeleine cakes” for me (as we say in French). I learned how to cook with real great cooks in my family and got inspired by the homefood of my dad and grandmas. As they came from different countries, it was also my first introduction to “world food”. These days I find that cooking recipes from other countries is an amazing way to travel, without really travelling, and escape from routine!

Picking fruits, wild flowers and plants and mushrooms is also a great source of inspiration for me (and a lot of fun !). It’s also a way to discover new tastes and create healthy recipes. I share with you a few wild food recipes and I hope to learn more and more 🙂

I also like to try new recipes by reducing food waste. It’s also a great way of discovering new products and tastes, and it is often quite simple. I hope to share more of these recipes with you !

Oh and you will see, I love spices 🙂 and seasoning in general. But again, if you don’t have all the indicated ingredients, just adapt the recipe to what you have!

Thank you for reading and… bon appĂ©tit !

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